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Johnny Petillo - President, Executive Producer/Showrunner

Johnny Petillo has been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade.  A New York native, he moved out to Los Angeles to start a career in television production after graduating from the University of Florida.  Johnny's entry into the reality television world began at Triage Entertainment, most famously known for The Iron Chef (Food Network).  From there, he went on to produce for the second season of Survivor (CBS) which was shot in the Australian Outback.  Johnny continued on Survivor until the start of The Apprentice (NBC), and after wrapping 5 seasons on The Apprentice (including The Apprentice: Los Angeles), returned back to Survivor.  Johnny has also worked on several shows outside of Mark Burnett Productions, including American Dream Builders (NBC), Surviving Marriage (A&E), Dating in the Dark (ABC), I Survived a Japanese Game Show (ABC), The Baby Borrowers (NBC), Crowned (CW), Big Medicine (TLC), Average Joe: Hawaii (NBC), and Shoot to Kill (Vh1), and has shot in locations as diverse as the treacherous waters of the Bering Sea, the lush Amazon rainforest, the rice fields of Thailand, and the open plains of Africa.  In addition, he earned an Emmy nomination for his work on Deadliest Catch (DIscovery) in 2007.  Johnny was named Co-Executive Producer on The Celebrity Apprentice in 2011.

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Preeti Shrivastava - Vice-President, Business Affairs and Development

Preeti joined Go4Johnny Entertainment in 2008 to oversee the development of new shows and multiplatform initiatives.  Starting her career out as a music video director and producer in 1997, she expanded her company, the Shrivastava Media Group, to include media production and marketing for a variety of distribution outlets over the past 12 years.  Preeti has also worked in Business and Legal Affairs for Lifetime Television and for the Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group.  A native New Yorker, she earned her BA in film production from American University, her MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Boston College, and her JD in Entertainment Law from Temple University through Pepperdine University.  Preeti continues to promote independent filmmaking through the music video industry social networking site, AboveTheLine.TV and through the Shrivastava Media Group Film Finishing Fund at American University's School of Communications.

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